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Who we are: Troyka Innovation

Troyka Innovation is an independent consultancy company based in Assen, The Netherlands.

Troyka Innovation is owned and operated by dr. ir. Edwin Poorte. He has 25 years experience with innovation, technology development, technology qualification and technology commercialization.

Successful innovation requires experience

dr. ir. Poorte developed unique experience with technology piloting projects in the oil & gas industry for Shell, Norsk Hydro, AkerKværner, OneSubsea, NAM, Paques, Paqell, BP and Twister BV. The costs of these technology piloting projects ranged from 0.3 to 350 million €.

In his career he has worked in projects, operations, research & development, design, engineering, commissioning, field testing, technology qualification, de-bottlenecking, troubleshooting, business improvement and commercial tendering. He has worked in the Netherlands (Rijswijk, Assen, Emmen, Amsterdam), in Norway (Oslo, Kjørbo, Lysaker, Porsgrund, Flatøy), in the USA (Houston) and in the UK (Aberdeen).

dr. ir. Poorte is a certified trainer and facilitator of the innovation methodology TRIZ. He has gained TRIZ experience by developing 14 patents. He wrote two books on TRIZ that are part of the Troyka TRIZ courses.

Poorte earned an ir. degree (equivalent to MSc) in applied physics and a PhD in fluid mechanics (cum laude), both from the University of Twente in The Netherlands. You can find out more about me on Linked In.

How we work: courses

Troyka Innovation organizes several innovation courses per year that are open to everybody. These courses are given either in English language of in de Nederlandse taal.

The Troyka TRIZ method is explained here.

How we work: In-company training

Troyka Innovation offers in-company training for commercial clients that want to train several staff in TRIZ techniques. In-company training offers cost reduction to clients, as the course is given in the company office, thus avoiding travel and hotel costs for participants. In company training is possible for groups of 5 – 25 people, with reduced tariff for larger groups.

The content and duration of In-company training is tailored to the needs of the client. Ask us for a quotation.

 How we work: Innovation action lab

If you need good results fast, the Innovation action lab offered by Troyka Innovation is something for you. This workshop format delivers tangible results in a week. Ask us for a quotation.

How we work: consultancy

Troyka Innovation offers consultancy to commercial clients on innovation. This can be work done at the client office, or work from the Troyka office.

The consultancy can range from assistance in developing patents, innovation support for technology development projects, innovation coaching for management, advise based on our innovation & technology experience.

Strengthen your competitive edge – ask us for a quotation. 

How we work: confidentiality and rights

Troyka Innovation recognizes that commercial clients invest time and money to improve their competitive position. We have a strict policy is to fully respect and adhere to secrecy and confidentiality requests of the client. If desired by the client we can sign a non-disclosure agreement or secrecy agreement as part of a consultancy agreement.

Our consultancy work will produce new ideas, new concepts, some of which will be patentable. All rights associated with these will be owned by the client when the work is completed (transfer of rights occurs when the client has fully paid us, according to the agreed contract).

How we work: patents

When during a consultancy contract patentable ideas are identified, it is up to the client to pursue patent protection at the European patent office. If desired by the client, Troyka Innovation can assist in preparation of material for patent application.

Start to innovate today, contact us for more details.


"Impressed what TRIZ brings in just 1.5 day of focussed effort"

Multidisciplinary approach

"TRIZ allows a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving"

Can apply TRIZ

"I really enjoyed it and can apply TRIZ in the future (40 principles, FAD, trimming)"

Next time

"Next time I have to design a process, I will start with a TRIZ Function Action Diagram"