Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy

Troyka Innovation Academy offers excellence in innovation training.

In-company training is provided in your own office, by a certified Troyka Innovation trainer. This allows for a high number of participants, at a low cost per participant. It also avoids that the participants must travel, and prevents hotel expenses, thus delivering maximum value at minimum cost to your organization.

The Troyka Innovation courses currently available at in-company training format are:

Course 1: Technological Innovation for technology developers and

Troyka academy

A five day, full-time, comprehensive course that covers the Technology Maturation Process.
You learn how to ‘pick a winner’ in innovation.

Once a very good innovation concept has been selected by an opportunity assessment framework, you learn how to develop it systematically towards technical feasibility and commercial viability.

Risk management is essential, to ensure that the investment in innovation delivers tangible results.

Various techniques, developed by Troyka Innovation, that allow to reach maximum result, at minimal risk and minimum investment, are treated in this comprehensive course.

Course 2: Invention using Troyka TRIZ

A three day, full time, comprehensive course, that teaches participant how to invent.

Invention is the art of resolving contradictions in an elegant manner, thereby delivering new solutions with high commercial value.

The course treats all 25 elements of the Troyka TRIZ method. The Troyka TRIZ method is exceptional, in that it is both very intuitive and accessible, yet also delivers the systematics and rigour of the TRIZ methodology.

This course is suitable for entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, technicians, technology developers, technology commercialisers, that want to develop unique solutions.

New inventions provide strong competitive edge when based on a good invention.

Troyka Innovation has developed two books specifically for TRIZ, which course participants will receive as part of the training.

Troyka TRIZ instruction manual
This manual contains 26 tools that together comprise TRIZ. Each tool is presented in an easy-to-apply format. For each tool an example is included. With this manual, course graduates can perform TRIZ on real life problems.

Troyka TRIZ 40 Inventive Principles book
Inventive principles are generic solutions to resolve technical contradictions. The TRIZ method recognises 40 Inventive Principles, such as “Prior action”, “Rushing through”, “Phase transition” and so on. These principles are often perceived as abstract. To overcome this barrier with course participants, this book gives real life implementations of Inventive Principles in 370 illustrations.

Other Troyka Innovation courses
Troyka Innovation is developing new course formats based on the Book of Innovation

Courses range from one day to five days durations. These courses address innovation strategy, innovation teamwork, innovation creativity.

If you have a specific need for innovation training, please contact Troyka Innovation.

Testimonials from course graduates:
This course is remarkably complete with emphasis on technical innovation. In addition there was a lot of attention to the mental aspects of getting to results, and much room for practicing TRIZ during the course. I feel I have gained valuable experience.

The combination of instruction and extensive practicing was excellent for knowledge transfer.


The Troyka TRIZ course is not just for inventors, it has much wider application.

With TRIZ you learn how to escape from entrenched ideas and patterns, thereby getting to the core of the problem in a remarkably out-of-the box manner. This creates unexpected new possibilities.

This course offers the possibility to analyse any idea, modify it and improve it.

This applies both to tangible physical inventions, as well as spiritual inventions. TRIZ allows you to consider a problem in a structured way, and gives the tools to come to an inventive solution. More people should follow the Troyka TRIZ course!


This method gives you a full toolbox for structured brainstorming. This allows people with different backgrounds to produce a large number of ideas. It is a constructive way to cooperate at different levels.


"Impressed what TRIZ brings in just 1.5 day of focussed effort"

Multidisciplinary approach

"TRIZ allows a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving"

Can apply TRIZ

"I really enjoyed it and can apply TRIZ in the future (40 principles, FAD, trimming)"

Next time

"Next time I have to design a process, I will start with a TRIZ Function Action Diagram"

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