Innovation Consultancy

☑ You are a commercial company
☑ You want to innovate
☑ You need help

Troyka Innovation helps companies to innovate.

You know what you want: a new product, a new design, a new technology, entry into a new market. You have been in this business long enough to recognize the business opportunity and have intuition for what would work.

Innovation is always challenging, and that is why you are looking for help. Our experience with succesful innovations will be valuable to you.

We can help in many ways, tailored towards your needs.

  • Develop your rough idea into the right concept
  • Challenge your commercial assumptions
  • Improve your technical solutions
  • Eliminate flaws

Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Special offer for technology start-up companies in their first 3 years:
the Troyka Innovation Entrepreneurial Service

  • Maximise the value of your entrepreneurial idea with our expert advise
  • Apply TRIZ to your innovation under Troyka guidance
  • Support for 6 months period to get you on the right path towards


"Impressed what TRIZ brings in just 1.5 day of focussed effort"

Multidisciplinary approach

"TRIZ allows a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving"

Can apply TRIZ

"I really enjoyed it and can apply TRIZ in the future (40 principles, FAD, trimming)"

Next time

"Next time I have to design a process, I will start with a TRIZ Function Action Diagram"

Start to innovate today