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Troyka Innovation has developed a comprehensive book on technological innovation.
Troyka Books
This book contains 4 volumes.

Troyka Innovation has noticed that people engaging in innovation may be unsure what innovative role suits their personal talents, skills and preferences.

Find out which role best suits you, by navigating though this diagram:

Troyka Books 2

The Book of Innovation will be published at a date to be announced separately. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the entire book (4 volumes), or into purchasing a separate volume, you can notify Troyka Innovation of your interest by clicking this link.

By clicking the link, you are not ordering anything. You are just expressing an interest, which helps us to explore the market potential for this book.

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"Impressed what TRIZ brings in just 1.5 day of focussed effort"

Multidisciplinary approach

"TRIZ allows a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving"

Can apply TRIZ

"I really enjoyed it and can apply TRIZ in the future (40 principles, FAD, trimming)"

Next time

"Next time I have to design a process, I will start with a TRIZ Function Action Diagram"

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